Help Your Septic System to Last

A septic system is easily maintained if you follow a few simple steps. One of the most important steps is to have it inspected regularly. This can help by finding small problems before they become expensive repairs.

Thing to Avoid Putting into the System

Regular cleaning products, such as detergents, will not harm the septic system as long as they are used in moderation. Drain cleaners, bleach, or ammonia should not be poured into drains. Your septic system works by producing bacteria to break down solids. The use of many things like this can disrupt the system and cause it not to work properly.

Even the toilet tissue you use can affect your septic system. You should use a type that easily dissolves in water. Never flush heavy duty paper towels or baby wipes. You should not dispose of coffee grounds, cooking oil or grease, or food scraps in the household sewer system. Many of these things will not decompose, so they fill up the septic tank, and this can cause a clogged system. This is why companies such as Mid Florida Septic offer septic tank inspection central florida.

Overusing Water Can Cause Septic Tank Problems

Using a lot of water can cause problems for your septic system. This can be avoided by limiting the amount of water used daily. For example, rather than waiting until the weekend to do everyone’s laundry, do a load or two throughout the week. This eliminates the need to do ten loads in one day and having all that water going into the septic tank at once.

It is recommended to have a professional service inspect, pump, and clean the septic tank regularly. This could be anywhere from a year to two or three years, depending on the number of people in your household, the size of the tank, and the usage. Often, septic tanks in cold weather areas must be pumped more often, because cold weather reduces the rate of decomposition.

If you notice that your drains are slow or they back up, your septic tank could need to be pumped. Likewise, an odor that lingers constantly, is another sign. It is important to maintain the system regularly, so that you can avoid unnecessary problems.… Read More

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Home Improvement

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Dwelling Improvement

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